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Swanky Executive Desk is clean-cut silhouettes and quality details for a stylish setting. Combining the finest materials with impeccable design

  • L 1800 x W 1800 x H 760mm
  • L 2000 x W 2000 x H 760mm
  • L 2200 x W 2200 x H 760mm
  • L 2400 x W 2400 x H 760mm


  • Designed in an L-Shaped to create more conducive working environment
  • Made from PB/MDF which is anti-scratch, heat reistant and fire proof
  • Top and bottom is made out of 36mm thickness strength to support loads and avoid warping in the centre
  • Built in Side Return to increase of working space and storage area
  • Full modesty panel
  • with adjustable leg inserted at the bottom of the panels to level uneven surface


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