Y Shaped 6 Way Workstation – Rosby Wave Series

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Innovative Collaboration: Y Shaped 6 Way Workstation 

Experience the epitome of collaborative design with our Y Shaped 6 Way Workstation, featuring a unique Butterfly-Shaped curved desk. Tailored to accommodate six individuals, this workstation combines form and function, creating an engaging and efficient workspace.

Key Features:

  1. Butterfly-Shaped Curved Design: Embrace a twist in workstation aesthetics with the Butterfly-Shaped curved desk. This innovative design not only adds a touch of sophistication but also optimizes space for dynamic collaboration.
  2. Accommodates 6 People: The Y-shaped layout accommodates six individuals, fostering teamwork and interaction. Whether for team projects or individual tasks, this workstation provides a versatile and engaging environment.
  3. Desk Mounted Screen with Pinboard Option: Each workstation is separated by a desk-mounted screen, adding a layer of privacy and definition to individual spaces. Choose between a screen with a pinboard for note-taking or a plain screen for a sleek look.
  4. Movable or Fixed Pedestal with 3 Drawers: Enjoy flexibility with the option of a movable or fixed pedestal featuring three central locked drawers. This storage solution ensures secure and accessible storage, promoting an organized and efficient workspace.
  5. Durable PB/MDF Construction: Crafted from Particle Board/MDF, the workstation provides a robust and resilient surface. With Anti-Scratch, Heat-Resistant, and Water-Proof properties, this workstation is designed for durability.
  6. Integrated Power Grommet and Cable Tray: Bid farewell to cable clutter with the integrated power grommet and cable tray. Keep computer wires neatly organized, promoting a clean and efficient working environment.
  7. Customizable Dimensions: Tailor the workstation to meet your specific spatial requirements. Whether you need a compact collaborative space or a larger team workstation, this flexible design adapts seamlessly to your needs.

Define Your Workspace, Redefine Collaboration:

The Y Shaped 6 Way Workstation is not just furniture; it’s a statement of modern collaboration. Customize it to your liking and experience a workspace that effortlessly complements your workstyle.

Invest in Modern Efficiency:

Choose the Y Shaped 6 Way Workstation to immerse yourself in a collaborative workspace that seamlessly combines practicality and elegance. Redefine your efficiency and elevate your office aesthetic with a workstation designed to meet the demands of contemporary work environments. Experience the perfect fusion of form and function.

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